About us

While the CCR has been active in Cambodia already since 2010, legal recognition of the organization office in Phnom Penh was obtained in 2016. The new status allowed the CCR to establish closer relationship with Cambodian national and regional authorities, which in turn increased effectiveness and sustainability of the projects.

The CCR office in Phnom Penh has been relatively small, composed of the Head of mission, programme manager and administrative and finance officer. So far, the CCR projects have been implemented in close cooperation with the Caritas Cambodia. The latter offers knowledge of the local context, contacts and sufficient capacity for day-to-day project implementation.

Geographically, the CCR implements projects in one of the least developed provinces Kampong Chhang. Nevertheless, the organization plans to expand its reach also to the other poor rural provinces.

The mission in Cambodia is currently closed and Caritas Czech Republic focuses on projects in different countries. For more information, visit our official website:

Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation of Caritas Czech Republic