What we do

The overall aim of the Caritas Czech Republic in Cambodia is to add value to already existing development programmes and deliver it to the most needed.

  • The CCR project on mother and child healthcare has improved situation in three hospitals in one of the least developed Cambodian provinces Kampong Chhang. In area of health care, we also implemented projects in specific areas of eye care.
  • In area of education the CCR focused on issue of inclusion of pupils with light social or health handicaps. We ran a project enhancing qualification of young people with disabilities and helped to create a social enterprise in small electronic repair and in a public laundry.
  • Disaster and risk reduction has been another field of the CCR interest. Cambodia suffers from variety of natural hazards that are typical for the region. The CCR disaster and risk reduction programme engaged elementary schools and local communities, with aim to spread the impact of the intervention as broadly as possible.
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