Capacity Building of Medical Staff in Takeo Province
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Capacity Building of Medical Staff in Takeo Province

DurationDecember 2017 - December 2017

According to the WHO data and statistics, health organizations in Cambodia have a critical shortage of medical personnel. For 10 000 people there are 10 doctors, nurses, and midwives which is more than twice as fewer than the critical 23 professionals per 10 000 people. Even though the access to medical care of the most vulnerable (children, women) has improved in the past years, many of the MDGs formed by the Cambodian government remain unfulfilled (child mortality, healthcare access for women/pregnant women). As a result of the rapid economic development in the past decade and the increasing standard of living, Cambodia has been struggling with new challenges that put a major strain on its fragile, still-developing system.

Project Goals:

Aim of the project is to improve the health status of the population in Takeo province, Cambodia, through professionalization and qualification enhancement of medical personnel in the targeted hospitals and health centres. Provincial Health Department have identified for this purpose 3 district hospitals, 15 local health centres and staff of 1 operational district. Project intervention will include at least 53 physicians and nursing staff, who will be given s training in 8 basic medical specialization suggested in cooperation with Cambodian physicians: imaging techniques  (ECHO, Roentgen), urgent medicine, urology, paediatric surgery, preventive medicine, gynaecology, colposcopy and nutrition training. All specialized trainings were designed and consulted directly in cooperation with the Cambodian doctors.

Implementation and Results:

  • Improved Delivery of Health Services
  • Support to Programs Addressing Public Health Priority
  • Strengthening Institutional Capacity 


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Total Budget:

98 310 EUR


Czech Development Agency