Support of ophthalmology in Takeo province
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Support of ophthalmology in Takeo province

Duration: January 2015 - December 2017

The aim of the project was to support ophthalmological care in Takeo. Nearly 80% of the population lives in rural and remote areas of the province and 77% of them, according to official statistics, have never undergone any ophthalmological examination. There is approximately 0.38% the population affected by blindness, which is largely caused by grey blight and infectious diseases that are treatable and without consequences in the early medical intervention. But only 18.6% of people are aware of the fact that the eye surgery is the best treatment for cataract.

Project Goals:

  1. To improve the quality of complex ophthalmology services by increasing the qualification of medical personnel at the Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital (CTEH), and any other interested employees through cooperation on the regional and national level. 2. To increase the availability of ophthalmic services within the healthcare system at the district level to all patients, especially those from remote rural areas

Implementation and Results:

  • CTEH retains appropriately qualified healthcare professionals who able to provide ophthalmic services
  • The information about eye care and primary eye care services are available at health centres (HCs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and village groups involved in health promotion (Village Health Support Groups, VHSGs)
  • Eye care is included as a part of the primary healthcare system in the government’s annual health plan
  • Individuals in the target groups have improved their health status by taking an eye examination, and undergoing subsequent medical treatment for their condition


Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital

Total Budget:

262 656 EUR


Czech Development Agency