Support of people with disabilities on labour market
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Support of people with disabilities on labour market

Duration: January 2016 - December 2017

In Cambodia, discrimination and stigma continue to exclude many persons with disabilities from their communities and many cannot access school or have low educational attainment. The unemployment rate among persons with disabilities is often 40 - 60 % higher than of healthy population.

Project Goal:

To improve the access to education and to the labour market for people with disabilities in the target locations of Cambodia.

Implementation and results:

  • A total of 84 disabled people were trained in 3 fields - laundry services, telephone repairs, and printing work. Additionally, they were also trained in the area of personal development.
  • Employment counselling sessions were provided and 44 graduates gained employment by the end of the project (printing and telephone repair trainings were completed only shortly before the project ended, thus a significant increase in graduates’ employment rates was to be expected.
  • The laundry center generated enough income to be self-sufficient and to cover the expenses of the other two centers before all trainings end and its graduates can further increase generated income.
  • Graduates also completed business planning and marketing training and could submit their business plan. A total of 10 graduates were awarded with a start up kit containing items they requested in their business plans.


Essential Personnel Cambodia

Total Budget:

125 654 EUR


Czech Development Agency